About the company

We welcome you to the site of the Group of companies «Matreco, which has been
working in the market of wild plants for 20 years.

Our main activity is storing up, processing and sale of wild mushrooms and berries, growing in pollution-free areas of the North-West of the Russian Federation.
“Matreco” is the largest storing up and trade company in the wild plants market on the territory of the Komi Republic. It is a manufacturing company which processes mushrooms and berries.
Analysis of independent experts has shown that over the past ten years the company has been one of the three largest producers in Russia.
We have our own car fleet and refrigerating facilities of great capacity. There is also fast refrigerating and packing equipment in the factory. We use the “shock-freezing” technology which allows us to reach IQF- quality of frozen products. The process of freezing is close to places where raw material is harvested, which enables us to conserve it almost immediately after gathering, thus preserving its taste qualities and nutrition values.
Packaging line allows us to pack products in sacks from 10 to 32 kilos or in boxes of 12 kilos. Products are also available in colorful plastic bags made of modern materials with full color printing from 250 to 1500 gr. “Matreco” products are presented in largest federal trade chains, such “Metro”, “Ashan”, “Karusel” and others.
Over the years the company has established a wide storing up network including the Komi Republic, Arkhangelsk and Perm Regions, etc.
We have successful experience in foreign trade activities.
The company «Matreco Kholod» has been working with multi tons delivery of wild plants and processed products abroad.
Products are exported to Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland and Sweden.
Exported products are delivered to Europe by western transport companies.