Welcome to matreco web-site

Matreco is a group of companies, Matreco Holod and Matreco Komi, known for it’s wide range of quality products. Matreco Holod is a privately held corporation and Matreco Komi is a publicly held corporation. Matreco has over ten years experience providing Russia and the European Market with the highest quality wild mushrooms and berries.

Matreco is a wholesale company that gathers, processes, stores and delivers its product. Our products include wild mushrooms and berries from the clean Northwest region of the Russian Federation.

Through the years, Matreco has advanced the quality and efficiency of their products with its storage equipment and delivery methods. Matreco has acquired a large fleet of vehicles to deliver products in an efficient, safe manner to maintain the quality our product. Matreco also has state of the art refrigeration systems, which includes refrigerated vehicles and a large refrigeration facility. We also package our products using modern technology.

Frozen production begins with the technology of “shock freezing”, which allows us to reach the IQF quality of our output. Our facilities are located near the area where our products grow, which allows us to freeze the products with little delay. This helps us to provide the safest, most flavorful product possible.

Matreco’s packaging line allows us to pack our products in 10 to 32 kilogram bags and boxes up to 12 kilograms. We also offer our product in colored polyethylene packages made from the modern membranous materials with colored printing from 250 to 450 grams.

During our years in business, we have created a wide storage network in the Komi Republic as well as Kirovskiy, Arhangelskiy and Komi-Permyckiy region.

We offer the wide range the product that include:

  • Frozen Mushrooms and Berries
  • Dry, Salted and Pickled Mushrooms
  • Jams

You can find our products in the largest supermarkets and the best restaurants in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and The Komi Republic.

We also produce a unique diet product for the diabetics, prepared with the base of fructose.

The quality of our product has been recognized on many international and Russian food exhibitions. These include but are not limited to:

  • “Green Week” Berlin, Germany.
  • Russian Food Trade 2001” Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • “Agroindustrial exhibition” Moscow, Russia.
  • “World Food exhibition ” Moscow, Russia

In the past eight years  Matreco has exported products in the European Market. Matreco has provided large quantities of wild berries, mushrooms, and the products they produce to large foreign companies in Austria, Germany, Norway, Finland, Italy and Sweden. We are able to provide these products through our modern delivery systems. Once in Europe the European transporting companies provide the storage and transportation of our products.